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Foreign Partner

INTELI EXPRESS welcomes any financial or non financial organization throughout the world for mutually beneficial collaboration in the field
of money transfers and payments.


  •  Highly secured, user-friendly technology – flexible operating system, fast transaction processing
  •  Aggressive growth model
  •  Potential for other product lines
  •  Afordable transfer and competitive exchange rates – choice of payout currencies 
  •  Loyalty programs
  •  Quality service
  •  Multi-Lingual staff at Inteli Express customer service
  •  The most advanced compliance processes  for the prevention of illicit transactions
  •  Extensive network – own and direct o‑ces all over the world
  • Specific Location or anywhere payout


If you own small or medium-sized enterprise is located in a commercial area and you wish to increase your income without additional capital investment, INTELI EXPRESS gives you an opportunity to become an agent of our system and start money transfer operations worldwide directly from your office. 

Inteli Express offers flexible and mutually beneficial terms for agents: 

  • Increase of income through commission profits without any additional capital-investment;
  • Increasing profit share proportional to the ever-increasing fund-transfers marker worldwide;
  • Growing number of potential clients;
  • Wider range of services offered to your clients; 
  • Complete Software package;
  • Flexible terms of commission settlement via direct payment;
  • Mutually beneficial commission distribution.

We are ready and flexible for your cooperation.