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Money Transfers

Fast money transfer without opening a bank account.

Money transfer can be sent  from Inteli Express offices both outside and throughout the country.

Mandatory information: receiver’s name and surname, destination.

As soon as the money is sent to receiver, you will be given a unique code number, which should be given to the receiver of the money transfer only.

In order to receive the money, you have to provide unique code number of the money transfer to the cashier and ID card/passport.

If the sender indicates receiver’s mobile number while making the money transfer, the receiver will get a text message, informing him about transfers availability.


Foreign Currency Exchange

Inteli Express offers foreign currency exchange services in Athens and Thessaloniki branches.

Company offers the most competitive exchange rates on the market, being a priority for our customers.

Rates are published daily except on public and bank holidays, being updated several times during a day.

Inteli Express customers will not only receive the best price for the retail foreign currency, but will also benefit from 0% service charges on transactions.



Call Transfer

Money Transfer can be done with just making a phone call, with no need to visit Inteli Express office.

For using our call transfer service you should:

  •  Have Inteli Express Member Card
  •  Visit either Alpha Bank, Pireaeus Bank or Ethniki Bank branches
  •  Deposit money on Inteli Express bank account (you can get our account number from our call center)
  •  Indicate your name and surname

For making call transfer please contact customer service:

+ 0030 210 5245817
+ 0030 210 5245818

Bill Payments

Inteli Express is offering its customers the possibility to pay utility and other payments both in Greece and in Georgia.

For using bill payment services you shoul visit Inteli Express branches.

Payments Available:

  •  Utilities
  •  Mobile communications
  •  Commercial TV and Internet
  •  Budget (government) payments and etc.



Intel Express Member card

Save time when you send with Inteli Express Member Card.

You can join the IE card program when you visit Inteli Express offices. 

Once you receive your IE card, you can start taking advantage of the benefits such as:

  • Call Transfer service
  • Loyalty programs

In some instances we offer particularly low prices.